Wandering Soul, 20K Subscribers, 40K Downloads, and 3K Sales!

It's been quite a while since my last post. I recently released a new 48h game jam game, Wandering Soul. It was made for the 11th Alakajam and I streamed almost all of the development (click me!)

Play it here!

As it says in the title, I just reached 20K subscribers on YouTube. At this rate, I should get my silver play button in 2023! \o/

On a similar note, I'm now at around 40,000 downloads and 3,000 game sales across all of my games! I'm getting pretty close to being able to turn all of [whatever all the stuff I'm doing is] into a job with a professional level salary.

I've got until mid-2023 before I graduate from university and I appear to actually have a shot at being able to do the gamedev/youtube/freelancing combo as a full time job after I graduate if things keep growing. All it would take is just one more 2x in revenue. I'll be taking a gap semester this summer to try and start up another revenue source. Details should be released around late May. Look forward to it! :D