Shifting Edge - My 20th Game Jam Entry

I just completed my 20th game jam entry!

I've done 3 Ludum Dares on the old site, 6 Ludum Dares on the new site, 10 Alakajams, and 1 PyWeek. In the Alakajam, I've received a total of 24 medals for placing top 3 in a variety of categories over the course of the 10 events I've participated in. I also won it twice.

For the occasion, I compiled my game jam results for 17 of my game jam entries. (It's missing the current LD, the LD that had ratings cancelled, and PyWeek.)

There's definitely an upward trend for the first few games, but after AKJ4, things start to level out. Part of the issue is that I haven't done any high-effort entries since AKJ3 aside from AKJ5 (which had serious flaws) and AKJ8. It's also worth noting that in AKJ10, I learned Godot during the jam and made a very simple game.

For the current Ludum Dare, I'm back with Pygame again and I made a high-ish effort entry. I lost a lot of time at the beginning of the jam because of some of my classes, but I worked for most of the remaining time.

Here's some media:

Check it out here. I'd like to apologize in advance to anyone who plans on reading the code. This is probably the biggest batch of spaghetti I've ever made. Everything is a hack because I was in a rush.