Chugging Along...

Over the course of this year, I've redirected my focus towards my project Vaegrant (shown below). I previously mentioned a special project, but I never got time to work on that "special project" (which wasn't Vaegrant) since I got a really good offer for a job over the summer.

I don't have any big plans for the next year or so. For the time being, I'll just keep working on Vaegrant. I frequently stream the development as well, so check out my YouTube if you're interested in that.

Wandering Soul, 20K Subscribers, 40K Downloads, and 3K Sales!

It's been quite a while since my last post. I recently released a new 48h game jam game, Wandering Soul. It was made for the 11th Alakajam and I streamed almost all of the development (click me!)

Play it here!

As it says in the title, I just reached 20K subscribers on YouTube. At this rate, I should get my silver play button in 2023! \o/

On a similar note, I'm now at around 40,000 downloads and 3,000 game sales across all of my games! I'm getting pretty close to being able to turn all of [whatever all the stuff I'm doing is] into a job with a professional level salary.

I've got until mid-2023 before I graduate from university and I appear to actually have a shot at being able to do the gamedev/youtube/freelancing combo as a full time job after I graduate if things keep growing. All it would take is just one more 2x in revenue. I'll be taking a gap semester this summer to try and start up another revenue source. Details should be released around late May. Look forward to it! :D

10,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

I just reached 10,000 subscribers on YouTube today! If you aren't aware, I post tutorials, devlogs, and other random gamedev related content on my channel.

Would be cool if I could get a silver play button one day.

Shifting Edge - My 20th Game Jam Entry

I just completed my 20th game jam entry!

I've done 3 Ludum Dares on the old site, 6 Ludum Dares on the new site, 10 Alakajams, and 1 PyWeek. In the Alakajam, I've received a total of 24 medals for placing top 3 in a variety of categories over the course of the 10 events I've participated in. I also won it twice.

For the occasion, I compiled my game jam results for 17 of my game jam entries. (It's missing the current LD, the LD that had ratings cancelled, and PyWeek.)

There's definitely an upward trend for the first few games, but after AKJ4, things start to level out. Part of the issue is that I haven't done any high-effort entries since AKJ3 aside from AKJ5 (which had serious flaws) and AKJ8. It's also worth noting that in AKJ10, I learned Godot during the jam and made a very simple game.

For the current Ludum Dare, I'm back with Pygame again and I made a high-ish effort entry. I lost a lot of time at the beginning of the jam because of some of my classes, but I worked for most of the remaining time.

Here's some media:

Check it out here. I'd like to apologize in advance to anyone who plans on reading the code. This is probably the biggest batch of spaghetti I've ever made. Everything is a hack because I was in a rush.